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Oghma Partners offers corporate finance advice.

We provide advice on acquisitions, divestments, strategy and raising capital to UK and Continental European consumer companies and investors.

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With a team of ten professionals, our unique mix of knowledge, expertise and experience enables our clients to realise their goals in less time, with less effort and less risk.

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Acquisition of


March 2021



Sale to


February 2021



Acquisition of


October 2020


(Poland/ Switzerland) Pectin business

Sold to


September 2020


M&A Update Report.

Oghma Partners Review of M&A Activity.

Every four months, Oghma Partners publishes a review of the latest Mergers and Acquisitions within the Food and Beverage Industries, highlighting recent trends and analysing future potential. It has proven an informative and useful guide to the current market for business leaders and analysts alike.

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