Food and Beverage M&A Private Equity and Deal Value

Oghma PartnersLondon – January 2011

In Oghma Partners (Food and Beverages M&A specialist advisors) forthcoming report into M&A activity in the UK Food and Beverage industry, the company highlights the level of activity of financial buyers and private equity firms.

Private Equity accounted for around 19% of transactions by volume in 2010 a similar level to the prior period. In addition deal value rose with multiples paid for businesses helped by a more stable business environment and impacted by the greater number of larger scale deals.

Private Equity remains an important player in transactions in the sector albeit the statistics suggests there is a greater chance of selling to a corporate buyer. However, private equity should be considered in any sale process as a possible acquirer for assets coming from the food and beverage industry.

For more information, please download our review, to be published soon.