Oghma Partners announces release of Latest Mergers and Acquisitions Review for T2 2015

Wednesday 13th September 2015

 Oghma Partners announces release of Latest Mergers and Acquisitions Review for T2 2015

Oghma Partners is pleased to announce the release of the most recent update to the Oghma Partners M&A review.

In T2 2015, which takes us to the end of August 2015, we have noted that the UK Food sector showed a 12% increase in deal volume vs. last year in the second tertial to end August, bringing the total number of deals for YTD to 51. This is after an unchanged number of deals in T1.

The Review contains analysis of latest deal values, activity by category and the source of buyers. The report also looks at the increasing involvement of Chinese buyers in the European Food and Beverage market.

The Review is available upon request from the Oghma Partners website and the Partners welcome any further queries from interested parties, either as regards the review or the work of Oghma Partners.

For the full press release please click here.

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