Oghma Partners Reviews Chinese M&A activity in the European Food & Beverage Industry

Wednesday 9th September 2015

Oghma Partners Reviews Chinese M&A activity in the European Food & Beverage Industry

Oghma Partners is pleased to announce the release of its September 2015 M&A review. In this edition there is a special feature on examining Chinese investment in the European Food & Beverage sector.

Investment from China and the Far East has, to some extent taken on mythical proportions with sellers often referencing the prospect of potential Asian and Chinese interest in particular for their businesses.

Our brief overview of activity by Chinese companies in the European Food & beverage industry over the last ten years highlights that a very modest 23 targets were acquired in the space since 2004. Furthermore the majority of transactions have been wine or beverage related transactions accounting for 60% of all the deals. The overview therefore questions the importance of China as an investor in the sector going forward, based on the track record of the last ten years.

The M&A Review is available upon request from the Oghma Partners website and the Partners welcome any further queries from interested parties, either as regards the review or the work of Oghma Partners.

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