Project Celestial Licensing Deal. Sector: Branded Dry Grocery

An Oghma client has significantly enhanced its branded sales and business quality by securing an important licensing deal in the branded dry grocery sector.

Situation: A long standing Oghma client was seeking to leverage its manufacturing base into new categories with minimal investment while utilizing its existing extensive marketing skills.

Problem: The categories of interest were highly competitive. Introducing a new brand would be expensive and the risks of failure high. With the client’s business growing rapidly, management had limited time to pursue a diversification strategy.

Solution: The client turned to Oghma which, given its depth and breadth of relevant industry knowledge and range of contacts, suggested that approaches be made to a number of parties.

Result: An agreement was reached with one of the contacted parties and a licensing deal negotiated. The relevant brand now delivers significant incremental revenues raising the branded ratio of group sales.