Project Shamrock Acquisition. Sector: Speciality Ingredients

Our client was able to agree an offer with a target company after we sifted through over 300 business opportunities. The client progressed its expansionary strategy with a minimum of management down-time with the assurance that a comprehensive review of its acquisition options had been undertaken.

Situation: Our international client was seeking to expand its existing UK operations via an acquisition of a complementary business in an adjacent category.

Problem: Despite actively looking for potential acquisitions with its existing advisors, the client had been unable to identify the appropriate opportunity. After nine months the company was no further ahead in executing its acquisition strategy.

Solution: Oghma Partners invested time in fully understanding the client’s requirements and in mapping out opportunities in line with strategy. Oghma initiated a comprehensive search process and from a preliminary list of over 300 businesses, produced an agreed ‘short list’ of fifty potential targets. These were fully profiled and 20 target companies were contacted. From these contacts, 5 one on one meetings were arranged and an offer was agreed with one of the five targets.

Payoff: The client benefited from the experience brought by the Oghma team, focused on moving its acquisition strategy forward. This guaranteed a stream of opportunities and a reassurance that a comprehensive review of options had been undertaken. The process also delivered a non-competitive process, ensuring value was obtained. Finally, the target company was one that the client had not come across previously.