Project Tipple Acquisition. Sector: Beverages

Leading beverage service company was offered significant new diversification opportunities by using Oghma’s in-depth industry expertise.

Situation: The client had a very successful business but a 50% market share made it difficult to expand its operations.

Problem: A narrow customer base and mature market limited our client’s expansion opportunities. The client sought ways of leveraging its national infrastructure but was unsure of how to approach this or in which direction to expand and diversify.

Solution: Oghma spent time with the client understanding its business, skill set and suitable expansion areas that also offered potential synergies with its existing operation. Oghma identified four business areas screening 3500 companies in the process.  A long list of around 100 companies was then subsequently distilled down to a ‘short list’ of twenty. The end result was that an offer was made for one of the businesses which provided opportunities for considerable synergies and suitable diversification.

Result: The client gained an M&A and strategy resource that it lacked in-house. As a result it was able to execute an efficient and comprehensive M&A acquisition process without management dilution.