We carry out the in-depth, comprehensive market and industry research required to evaluate a wide range of possible acquisition targets. This desktop work occurs after we have got to know and fully understand your business, its skill set and its capabilities. After working closely with you to weigh up a potential target’s fit against your business goals, we focus on valuation and financial analysis to identify what exactly the targets offer your business from a financial perspective, before guiding you through the contact, presentation and negotiation processes.

We will advise you on the appropriate deal strategy utilising our extensive transaction experience.

Choosing the right acquisition opportunity is fraught with risks

Our in-depth research and analysis skills will help identify the most appropriate acquisition opportunities.

Expansion via acquisition requires support and guidance through a complex, time consuming process

Oghma will ease the acquisition work-load by master-minding all key stages of the acquisition process.

Acquisitions can be costly so to avoid poorly judged deals it is vital the opportunity is properly reviewed and the process is executed correctly

Our search and deal experience will enable you to acquire value-enhancing targets smoothly, avoiding obvious pitfalls.

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